Title: Easy Pickings: A Jane Yellowrock/Walker Papers Crossover, Author: C. E. Murphy
Title: Water Witch, Author: D.B. Jackson
Title: Jordan Point, Author: Kathryn R. Wall
Title: St. John's Folly, Author: Kathryn R. Wall
Title: Trials: Rogue Mage Anthology I, Author: Faith Hunter
Title: Like A Bad Penny, Author: Kathryn R. Wall
Title: Murder in the Charleston Manner, Author: Patricia Sprinkle
Title: And Not a Penny More (Bay Tanner Series #2), Author: Kathryn R. Wall
Title: Eagle-Sage, Author: David B. Coe
Title: Murder at Markham, Author: Patricia Sprinkle
Title: Triple Tragedy in Alcolu: The execution of 14-year-old George Stinney, Jr., accused of the murders of Betty June Binnicker and Mary Emma Thames., Author: Kendall Bell
Title: In for a Penny (Bay Tanner Series #1), Author: Kathryn R. Wall
Title: Prescribed Danger, Author: Gwen Hunter
Title: Betrayal, Author: Gwen Hunter
Title: Deadly Remedy, Author: Gwen Hunter
Title: Grave Concerns, Author: Gwen Hunter
Title: Louise's War, Author: Sarah R. Shaber
Title: Law Of The Wild, Author: Gwen Hunter
Title: Lying Beneath the Oaks, Author: Kristin Wright
Title: Don'T Murder Your Mystery, Author: Chris Roerden
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