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Title: Splendid You, Author: Cynthia Bailey Pratt
Title: Snowdrops and Scandalbroth, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: The Colonial Upstart, Author: Emily Hendrickson
Title: Miss Westlake's Windfall, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: An Early Engagement, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: It Takes a Lady, Author: Joan Smith
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Title: Gather Ye Rosebuds, Author: Joan Smith
Title: An Affair of Interest, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: Dangerous Dalliance, Author: Joan Smith
Title: Imprudent Lady, Author: Joan Smith
Title: A Second Spring, Author: Carola Dunn
Title: Endure My Heart, Author: Joan Smith
Title: The Carriagemaker's Daughter, Author: Amy Lake
Title: A Prudent Match, Author: Laura Matthews
Title: A Banbury Tale, Author: Maggie MacKeever
Title: The Education of Lady Frances, Author: Evelyn Richardson
Title: The Primrose Path, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: Hot Sorrowful Sweetness of the Dust, Author: Peter Clement
Title: The Road to Gretna, Author: Carola Dunn
Title: A Talent for Trouble, Author: Anne Barbour

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