Title: Island of Lost Souls
Title: Return of the Ape Man
Title: Dracula
Title: Ninotchka
Title: Murders in the Rue Morgue
Title: The Return of Chandu
Director: Ray Taylor
Title: Dementia 13/Plan 9 from Outer Space
Title: Terror in the Aisles
Title: The Body Snatcher
Director: Robert Wise
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Title: The Return of the Vampire
Title: White Zombie
Title: The Devil Bat
Title: The Human Monster
Title: Dracula/Freaks
Director: Tod Browning
Title: The Death Kiss
Title: The Raven
Title: Night Monster
Director: Ford I. Beebe
Title: The Invisible Ray
Title: The Black Camel
Title: The Phantom Creeps [Serial]

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