Title: Job's Body / Edition 1, Author: Deane Juhan
Title: FROM TRINITY TO TRINITY, Author: Kyoko Hayashi
Title: In the World Enormous, Author: Tomer Inbar
Title: UNAVOWABLE COMMUNITY, Author: Maurice Blanchot
Title: Three New York Poets: Charles North, Tony Towle, Paul Violi, Author: Andrew McCarron
Title: COAT OF ARMS-STATIONHILL, Author: Chris Tysh
Title: RHYME OF THE AG-ED MARINESS, Author: Lynn Lonidier
Title: Cartographies of Silence: poems, Author: Erik Vatne
Title: Cubanology, Author: Omar Perez
Title: Position & Relation, Author: India Hixon Radfar
Title: House Crossing, Author: Laurie Patton
Title: STATION HILL BLANCHOT READER, Author: Maurice Blanchot
Title: ARCANA MUNDI: Selected Works 1979 - 2000, Author: Jan Harrison
Title: Dirty Work: A Chump's Search for Meaning, Author: Rod Bull
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Title: Vertical Elegies 6: Street Mete, Author: Sam Truitt
Title: THE LOVER WITHIN: Opening to Energy in Sexual Practice, Author: Julie Henderson
Title: Piece of Cake, Author: Bernadette Mayer
Title: The Oracular Room: The Leibniz-Newton Effect, Author: Thorpe Feidt
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Title: DOCTOR MAX, Author: Giuliano Dego
Title: NO SAFE PLACE, Author: Christina Crawford

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