Title: Forty Guns
Title: Julie
Director: Andrew L. Stone
Title: Another Time, Another Place
Title: The Gangster
Director: Gordon Wiles
Title: Yuma
Director: Ted Post
Title: The Purple Gang
Director: Frank McDonald
Title: Her Twelve Men
Title: My Blood Runs Cold
Title: Loophole
Title: Suspense
Director: Frank Tuttle
Title: Queen Bee
Title: Man in the Middle
Director: Guy Hamilton
Title: Cry of the Hunted
Title: Bad Men of Tombstone
Title: Cause for Alarm
Director: Tay Garnett
Title: Elemental: A 21st Century Ghost Story, Author: Barry Sullivan
Title: Planet of the Vampires
Title: My First Success Through Martial Arts Book 3rd Edition: Success for Child through Positive Professional Martial Arts, Author: Kevin Barry Sullivan