Title: CHALLENGES: THE JOURNEY TO HEALING:, Author: Cornelius Jefferson
Title: Time of My Life: A Romantic Comedy, Author: Laura Heffernan
Title: Holy Spirit Supernatural Prayer Book, Author: Apostle Rosalind Solomon
Title: Maybe Later, Author: Claudia Burgoa
Title: Glow, Author: Jacob Westman
Title: So I Rise..., Author: Maria-Karmina Landicho Pre-Order Now
Title: The Bullet Catch, Author: John Gaspard
Title: The Dinner Party ( Lesbian Erotica ): Free First-in-Series, Author: Victoria Rush
Title: Vampire Addiction, Author: Eva Pohler
Title: How to Snag a Shifter: A Young Adult Paranormal Romance, Author: Karin De Havin
Title: Her True Wolf, Author: Kestra Pingree
Title: Torn Between A Thug & A Boss, Author: Mia Black
Title: Lucky Suit, Author: Lauren Blakely
Title: Stay with Me, Author: Nicole Fiorina
Title: Throne of Grace, Author: Cecily Wolfe
Title: The Enforcer: a marriage of convenienve, Author: Shanna Bell
Title: The players, Author: Shanna Bell
Title: One Night Only, Author: Lauren Blakely
Title: Secrets Of A Sugar Baby, Author: Mia Black
Title: ROGUE DEMON, Author: Risa Fey

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