Title: The Potawatomi Indians, Author: Otho Winger
Title: Way to Wisdom: An Introduction to Philosophy, Author: Karl Jaspers
Title: The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution, Author: C P Snow
Title: The Hourglass: A History of the 7th Infantry Division in World War II, Author: Edmund G. Love
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Title: A Clash of Cultures: Fort Bowie and the Chiricahua Apaches, Author: Robert M. Utley
Title: Language, Thought and Reality, Author: Benjamin Lee Whorf
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Title: Torpedo Run: Mutiny and Adventure Aboard a Navy PT Boat during World War II, Author: Robb White
Title: Understanding War in Afghanistan, Author: Joseph J. Collins
Title: Mary Was Her Life The Story of a Nun: Sister Maria Teresa Quevedo 1930-1950, Author: R.S.M. Sister Mary Pierre
Title: The Principles of War, Author: Ferdinand Foch
Title: Tin Horns and Calico: A Decisive Episode in the Emergence of American Democracy, Author: Henry Christman
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Title: The Moral Universe: A Preface to Christian Living, Author: Archbishop Fulton J Sheen
Title: Dew Line; Distant Early Warning: The Miracle of America's First Line of Defense, Author: Richard Morenus
Title: A Pioneer Woman in Alaska, Author: Emily Craig Romig
Title: The Little Red Book: The Original 1946 Edition, Author: Edward A. Webster
Title: The Autobiography of Robert A Millikan, Author: Robert A. Millikan
Title: Techniques of Speed Hypnosis, Author: Harry Arons
Title: The Spearhead: The 5th Marine Division in World War II: [Part Two], Author: Howard M. Conner
Title: The Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel, Author: Kenneth T. Gallagher
Title: The Saga of Tom Horn: The Story of a Cattlemen's War, Author: Dean Fenton Krakel

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