Title: Notes from a Naturopath, Author: Thomasina Copenhaver RN BSN ND
Title: Symptomatic Addict, Author: Philippa Sue Richardson
Title: The Untold True Story of Mary Magdalen in Her Own Words, Author: Kim Cintio
Title: Death by Cubicle: Recovery from Burnout Without Quitting Your Job, Author: Kelly L. Owens
Title: Bits & Pieces...Of a Biologist's Journey into Spirit, Author: Janet Southall Connell
Title: How Snowflake Finds Her Courage, Author: Sandy DiPierro
Title: My Brother Daniel, Author: Jenny Berger
Title: Killing Congress, Author: Geoff Cratch
Title: The Leadership Connection: The Link Between Leading and Succeeding, Author: Erik Therwanger
Title: Leaving Lucifer: Part I/The Beginning, Author: Elizabeth Romig
Title: Revelations 111: Spiritual Poetry Collection, Author: Kenneth Alexander
Title: Above the Fray: The Awareness Project, Author: Owen Thomas Ashton
Title: The Blanket Is Blue: A Story of Black Market Adoption, Author: Doris Lafrenz
Title: The Book of 7, Author: J.R. Wexler
Title: Funding Your Future Beyond Banks: Creative Alternatives to Funding Your Startup or Business Initiative, Author: Paul T. Ayres
Title: Why God Doesn't Hate You, Author: Tia Michelle Pesando
Title: Rainbow Stargate 33: Empowering Ascension
Title: Detached Love: Transforming Your Heart so That You Can Transform Your Mind, Author: Cordelia A. Gaffar
Title: The Lonely Christmas Tree, Author: Annekarien van de Velde
Title: The Reflex Part 1: First Book in the Reflex Series, Author: Maria Denison

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