Title: Peanuts Original Graphic Novel: Snoopy: A Beagle of Mars, Author: Charles M. Schulz
Title: Ben 10: The Manchester Mystery, Author: C. B. Lee
Title: Hex Vet: The Flying Surgery, Author: Sam Davies
Title: Hex Vet: Witches in Training, Author: Sam Davies
Title: Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake, Author: Pendleton Ward
Title: Adventure Time: Marceline, Author: Pendleton Ward
Cyber Week
A Sale for the (P)ages
Title: Hotel Dare, Author: Terry Blas
Title: Adventure Time: Princess Bubblegum, Author: Pendleton Ward
Title: The Beagle Has Landed, Charlie Brown! (Original Graphic Novel), Author: Vicki Scott
Title: Adventure Time: Jake, Author: Christopher Hastings
Title: Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake Original Graphic Novel: Party Bash Blues, Author: Kate Sheridan
Title: Adventure Time: Finn, Author: Paul Pope
Title: The Not-So Secret Society: Tale of the Gummy, Author: Matthew Daley
Title: Adventure Time: Islands, Author: Pendleton Ward
Title: Pandora's Legacy, Author: Bones Leopard
Title: The Incredibles: Secrets and Lies, Author: Landry Walker
Title: DODO, Author: Felipe Nunes