Title: Lone Wolf McQuade
Title: The Best of George Benson [Warner Bros.], Artist: George Benson
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Title: The Power Station, Artist: The Power Station
Title: Keepin' Love New, Artist: Howard Johnson
Title: Seven and the Ragged Tiger, Artist: Duran Duran
Title: Nona [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Nona Hendryx
Title: Cupid & Psyche 85, Artist: Scritti Politti
Title: Never Say Never, Artist: Melba Moore
Title: You Might Be Surprised [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Roy Ayers
Title: Vanessa Paradis [Bonus Track], Artist: Vanessa Paradis
Title: Too Hot to Stop It [Bonus Tracks] [Remastered], Artist: The Manhattans
Title: The Wootens, Artist: The Wootens
Title: The Adventures Of The Lazy Gringo, Author: B.J. Nelson