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Title: A Seasonable Warning and Caution Against the Insinuations of Papists and Jacobites in Favour of the Pretender, Author: Daniel Defoe
Title: Summa Theologica, Author: St. Thomas Aquinas
Title: Nathan the Wise, Author: Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Title: Fifty Famous Stories Retold (1896), Author: James Weldon Johnson
Title: Tales of Wonder Every Child Should Know, Author: Kate Douglas Wiggin
Title: Fred Fearnot's New Ranch and How He and Terry Managed It, Author: Hal Standish
Title: The Story of Foss River Ranch: A Tale of the Northwest, Author: Ridgwell Cullum
Title: Trees and Other Poems, Author: Joyce Kilmer
Title: The Canterbury Pilgrims, Being Chaucer's Canterbury Tales Retolld for Children, Author: Geoffrey Chaucer
Title: Overdue, Author: Harry Collingwood
Title: Abe Lincoln and Jeff Davis: Lincoln's Writings plus Davis' Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, Author: Abraham Lincoln
Title: Observations on the new Constitution and on the Federal and State Conventions, Author: Mercy Otis Warren
Title: The Agamemnon of Aeschylus, Author: Aeschylus
Title: The Epic of Gilgamesh, Author: William Muss Arnolt
Title: Volcanic Islands, Author: Charles Darwin
Title: Classic Westerns: Max Brand, Author: Max Brand
Title: Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Author: Linda Brent
Title: Volpone or The Fox, Author: Ben Jonson
Title: Is He Popinjoy? (1879), Author: Anthony Trollope
Title: The Landleaguers (1883), all three volumes in a single file, Author: Anthony Trollope

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