Title: The End of Time (Crispin Series #3), Author: Avi
Title: Beyond the Western Sea: Book One: The Escape from Home, Author: Avi
Title: The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, Author: Avi
Title: Lord Kirkle's Money (Beyond the Western Sea Series #2), Author: Avi
by Avi
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Title: The Cross of Lead (Crispin Series #1), Author: Avi
Title: At the Edge of the World (Crispin Series #2), Author: Avi
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Title: The Seer of Shadows, Author: Avi
by Avi
Title: Beyond the Western Sea: Book Two: Lord Kirkle's Money, Author: Avi
Title: City of Orphans, Author: Avi
Title: Gold Rush Girl, Author: Avi Pre-Order Now
Title: Wolf Rider, Author: Avi
by Avi
Title: Poppy and Rye, Author: Avi
by Avi