Title: French Port, Author: Charles Baldwin
Title: Enigma: The Caldwell Series, Author: Dan Ryan
Title: Falling Forever, Author: Victoria Monroe
Title: Strathard: Face to Face, Author: Jean Bisbey
Title: The Other Me: (My Moment of Honesty), Author: James R. Dixon
Title: A Halloween Party, Author: Tina Nykulak Ruiz
Title: War of the Nations: The Caldwell Series, Author: Dan Ryan
Title: The Road less Traveled: Or How Trouble always Finds Me, Author: Stephen L. King
Title: Don't Bet on It: Baseball-Superheroes, Author: Bruno Lindia
Title: When I Go on Vacation with My Family / Cuando Me Voy De Vacaciones Con Mi Familia: An English/Spanish Story for Children, Author: John W. Coburn
Title: Elysian Fell, Author: Sammy Mapes
Title: Deep Shade, Author: Deborah LeDrew
Title: Notes to Jacqui: A Polio Survivor's Thoughts to His Daughter, Author: Ronald A. Tomo BS MPA CCP CNA
Title: Murder at the Frankfurt Opera: A Murder She Sang Novel, Author: Pamela Cramer
Title: Beauty All Around: Mama, Me, and the World, Author: Jennifer Forbes
Title: The Undetermined Denial, Author: Albert M. Swash
Title: Crash Lane News, Author: CrashLaneNews.com
Title: The Portal to Forever, Author: Bonnie Sullivan Raymond
Title: Un Bichito En Mi Diente, Author: Dra. Linda Sturrup
Title: Camera, Speed...Action!: An Insider's Secrets to the Real World of Acting, Author: Michael Ray Davis

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