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Title: Privilege 900, Author: Lynlee Burton
Title: Bye-bye to English Illiteracy in 3 months, Author: Adriano Mina P. E.
Title: The Tangled Web Of Patent #174465, Author: Russell A. Pizer
Title: Elvis, Linda & Me: Unseen Pictures & Untold Stories from Graceland, Author: Jeanne LeMay Dumas
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Title: Cry Murder, Baby: You're Next..., Author: Mary Monroe
Title: My Encounter with Jesus at Heaven's Gates: - A Life-Changing Near Death Experience, Author: Santosh (Sandy) Acharjee
Title: Life Death Judgment & Eternity, Author: George E Pfautsch
Title: Dream with Diosa, Author: N.C. Royale
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Title: Fuel for the Mind, Body, and Soul, Author: John Toscano
Title: What My War Was Like: A Marine in Viet Nam, Author: Alan Ross Sgt Usmc
Title: Blood on the Risers: A Novel of Conflict and Survival in Special Forces During the Vietnam War, Author: Michael O'Shea
Title: Reflections and Such, in the Key of Life, Author: Mobe McScrotom
Title: The Tears I Couldn't Cry: Behind Convent Doors, Author: Patricia Grueninger Beasley
Title: The Adventures of Shima the Shiba, Author: Mike Missanelli
Title: Burying Father Tim, Author: Tom Robertson
Title: Shades of the Lingering: A New Psychological Thriller, Author: Sonya Pritchard
Title: Super Word Searches, Author: Sandra Dickerson
Title: Religion Satan's Philosophy of Truth, Author: Bubba
Title: The Kids' Guide to Mommy's Breast Cancer, Author: Karyn Stowe
Title: The Changing of the Gods, Author: Anthony J. Miano

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