Title: Maria Is My Pal, Author: Dr. Michael T. Solomon
Title: Carrousel de Fantasia: Cuentos Infantiles, Author: Wilma I Matos de Miramontes
Title: Conrad the Courageous: The Uncommon Cardinal Series, Author: Megan Lindburg
Title: Learning Colors with Bun Bun, Author: Donna Eastin Garrison
Title: You Can Do Anything!, Author: Laura Beth
Title: An Army of Ants, A Colony of Bats, A Pounce of Cats, Author: Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg
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Title: Mom's Milk Spilling Monster and More, Author: Gracie Strather
Title: Pencils Down, Author: D H Kelly
Title: Black Mountain: Monster Hunters, Author: James Ahlers Farson
Title: Trigger's Thanksgiving Hunt, Author: Amy Mayer
Title: Journey Through the Northern Wind, Author: Edmund Paul