Title: Santia Claus Is Coming to Town!, Author: Patricia A. Mccants
Title: Barney the Dublin Fox, Author: F.John McLaughlin
Title: I Love You for Every!, Author: Lisa Osborne
Title: Pumpkin, Author: ILYANNIE T.G.
Title: The Most Unlikely Pair, Author: Sandy Rieker
Title: All Hair Is Good Hair, Author: Annagjid Kee Taylor
Title: Leif's First Fall, Author: Alexander King
Title: Momma Goes to Work, Author: Jennifer C. Medlin
Title: The Guardians of Earth, Author: Mary Ockerman
Title: TITUS' MAGICAL AFTERNOON, Author: Jim Shields
Title: Lima Is Looking for a Friend, Author: Nanette Caldwell
Title: The Waddodles of Hollow Lake: The Mighty Oak, Author: Carole La Flamme Beighey
Title: Sonny, Gogo, Tobo, and Their Adventures, Author: Jennifer Hashmi
Title: The Crows of Spooky Wood: Book One, Author: Caroline Cutmore
Title: Castle River Campground, Author: Geraldine Krecklow
Title: Journey Through the Northern Wind: Mysterious Shadow, Author: Edmund Paul
Title: Where Is Love?, Author: Margarite Camaj
Title: Zucchini the Elephant Goes to Sleep, Author: James Rosenblum
Title: Teddy Goes to School, Author: Beverly Deluca
Title: Hit It Boys, Author: Sherell Jay

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