Title: The Wildly Whimsical Tales of Gracie & Sniggles: The Mystery of the Blue Goo, Author: Teressa Hill
Title: Burbank Butterfly, Author: Liv Green
Title: Barney the Dublin Fox, Author: F.John McLaughlin
Title: Pumpkin, Author: ILYANNIE T.G.
Title: All Hair Is Good Hair, Author: Annagjid Kee Taylor
Title: Leif's First Fall, Author: Alexander King
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The Next Chapter: Prepare Your Shelf
Title: Why Me?: Why Anyone?, Author: C. J. Bass
Title: Darren the Dragon Gets a Bath: How to Bathe a Dragon, Author: Diana Leadman Becher
Title: The ABC Family of Golfers, Author: Constance Hawkins
Title: Pelicans of Palm Beach, Author: Estelle Craig
Title: Pipsie Pawsworth and a Heart for Sharing, Author: Kelly Swendal
Title: Sweetie Pie, Author: Leslie  Griffin
Title: Boy Without a Home, Author: Debbie Viale
Title: Eleven Floors, Author: Maxz McGlinchey- Milne
Title: Critter Town, Author: Stephen Taylor
Title: Rudy and Phipher's Woodland Adventure: Courage-Vol. 1, Author: TLO-Redness
Title: Why Penguins Can't Fly, Author: Doris Brown
Title: Chickens Can't Fly with Eagles, Author: Tracey D. Reed
Title: From Soul Singing to Opera Soup: Finding the Right Ingredients, Author: Dr. Lori Brown Mirabal
Title: I Am Loved, Author: Aurndrea Evans

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