Title: All Hair Is Good Hair, Author: Annagjid Kee Taylor
Title: Leif's First Fall, Author: Alexander King
Title: Maggie and Max Visit the Beach, Author: Louise Loria Ziminsky
Title: There Was a Moose on Clifford Street, Author: Jylene Morgan
Title: Happy and Sad, Author: Carol Lynn Holton
Title: The Monster Under My Web, Author: Charlene Gresham
Cyber Week
A Sale for the (P)ages
Title: Natalia: Magical Bubble Wish, Author: Patricia E. Sandoval
Title: Daddy, Where Do the Stars Come From?: A Child's Introduction to Religion, Author: John Kyle
Title: Life on the Farm, Author: Lisa Smith
Title: Test of Time, Author: A.C. Crozier
Title: The Halloween Nightmare: The Maze, Author: Michael Scygiel
Title: The 2nd Shadow in a Dark Tunnel, Author: Kehlan Johnson
Title: Darren the Dragon Gets a Bath: How to Bathe a Dragon, Author: Diana Leadman Becher
Title: Santia Claus Is Coming to Town!, Author: Patricia A. Mccants
Title: The Promise: A Sequel to A Strange Boy, Author: John L. Jewell
Title: A Fraidy Cat, Author: Lilita Hardes
Title: Cindy Flubberface in Electric Poodles, Author: Russell McAlister Martin
Title: Macy's Little Garden, Author: Edna Malpass
Title: Dear Mr. President, Author: Kathryn Holliston Ortiz
Title: Live Your Dream & Never Stop Dreaming: Never Stop Dreaming, Author: Jody Luv

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