Title: Barney the Dublin Fox, Author: F.John McLaughlin
Title: Every Day I Am, Author: Alyson E. Calloway
Title: Burbank Butterfly, Author: Liv Green
Title: All Hair Is Good Hair, Author: Annagjid Kee Taylor
Title: Pumpkin, Author: ILYANNIE T.G.
Title: Leif's First Fall, Author: Alexander King
Title: The Magic Teepee House, Author: Tammi Zimmerman
Title: Sophie G Wanderlin: One of a Kind, Author: PJ Jackson
Title: Oliver's Wish: A Tale From the Garden, Author: Diane Worthen
Title: The Halloween Nightmare: The Maze, Author: Michael Scygiel
Title: Bronco of 96: The Siege of Star Fort, Author: Patsy H. Manley
Title: Where Are Grammy and Poppi?, Author: Cheri Gienger
Title: No Mommy No . . ., Author: Namrita Hansrai
Title: A Mississippi Whale Tale: The Story of Two Pygmy Killer Whales' Fight for Survival, Author: Samuelson Moore M.H. M. D. Crawford
Title: Winifred and Maggie: Daddy Day Adventures, Author: Jeannene Pettett Hall
Title: Through the Eyes of Imagination, Author: Gordon Wiley
Title: Cindy Flubberface in Electric Poodles, Author: Russell McAlister Martin
Title: Going to the Dentist to See Dr. Mentist, Author: E.F.D.A. Lisa Plair C.D.A
Title: Journey, Author: Julius Gillam
Title: The Men of Fire, Author: Karl John Maier

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