Title: The Death of Dodge Ball:
Title: God's Healing Environment: Living the Christian Life While Going Through Challenges, Author: Edward Harris Sr.
Title: The Golden Years: Growing Older but Not Old, Author: Truey Anne Sterneman
Title: Chasing the Squirrel: The Pursuit of Notorious Drug Smuggler Wally Thrasher, Author: Ron Peterson Jr.
Title: Demons Nephilim Angels: The World That Then Was, Author: Etienne M Graves Jr
Title: Yes Girl Yes!: God's Love Looks so Good on You, Author: Angel M. Williams
Title: The Storytellers, Author: John F. Corrigan
Title: How Languages Changed My Life, Author: Project MEITS
Title: Down on the Boardwalk, Author: Myra Sampson-Reeves
Title: Movement of Prayer, Author: Alicia Jackson
Title: Mindful Philosophy, Author: Michael J Snow
Title: The Confederate, Author: John W. Flores
Title: 48: An Experiential Memoir on Homelessness, Author: Dr. Sheldon A. Jacobs
Title: A Father's Dreams, a Daughter's Scenes: Poems from a Father's Heart, Paintings from a Daughter's Hand, Author: Jerry Botta
Title: Unmasking the Illusion of Perfection: Narcissist Abuse; Abused by the Esteemed!, Author: Carmen M. Bryant Ed.D.
Title: Finally Home: A Verse by Verse Journey Through the Book of Revelation, Author: John Wayne Gaylord
Title: There Is No Lower Human Life Form Than an Immature 7Th Grade Boy, Author: Russell C. Morrow
Title: How the West Was White-Washed, Author: C.T. Kirk
Title: Top Tree Peach: An Angel's Legacy, Author: Kelly Anne Broderick
Title: A Lily Pad of Possibilities, Author: Fiona Goldsmith

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