Title: On the Wings of Geezers: Life Lessons from Old Pilots, Author: The Friday Pilots
Title: Open Blind Eyes, Author: Rachel Timothy
Title: Demons Nephilim Angels: The World That Then Was, Author: Etienne M Graves Jr
Title: Better Tomorrow: A Personal Perspective on Servant Leadership, Author: Dave Dow
Title: Asunder Men Are Dangerous (Dogs) Women Are Devious (Spiders), Author: Othello Leneer Graham
Title: Honoring Anna: Book Ii: the Winds of Time, Author: Douglas Hoff
Title: 48: An Experiential Memoir on Homelessness, Author: Dr. Sheldon A. Jacobs
Title: Amazing Grace, Amazing Gifts: Autism and the Gifts God Granted Along Our Journey, Author: Terri Cunningham-Rose
Title: Down on the Boardwalk, Author: Myra Sampson-Reeves
Title: The Death of Dodge Ball:
Title: The Day I Cried My Angel to Earth, Author: Aniya Thomas
Title: Tales of the Elder Statesman, Author: Edward Faith
Title: The Adventures of Abby and the Seahorse: Go to Texas, Author: B.I Phllips
Title: From Incarceration to Freedom in Six Months, Author: David Blue
Title: Chasing the Squirrel: The Pursuit of Notorious Drug Smuggler Wally Thrasher, Author: Ron Peterson Jr.
Title: Grandma, Teach Me to Pray, Author: Barbara A. Jones
Title: My Soul of Poems, Author: Jeanine Whetstone
Title: There Is No Lower Human Life Form Than an Immature 7Th Grade Boy, Author: Russell C. Morrow
Title: Timeless Embrace, Author: Bernard Cenney
Title: A Future and a Hope: Stories of Spiritual Healing After Abortion, Author: Cynthia Jordan

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