Title: Luffle McScruffle, Author: Mandy Dokie Pre-Order Now
Title: Meant for Each Other, Author: Lou Schulist
Title: Sad Santa, Author: Bonnie Linder
Title: Gone but Not Forgotten, Author: Gary M Williams
Title: T-Rex and Me, Author: Mitchell Foy
Title: If Hugs Were Bugs, Author: Kim Yandoli
Title: Raising Little Stripe, Author: Joyce Hoberg Kaatz
Title: Eyes of Eve, Author: Aïda Reid
Title: Meowgellan, Author: Marie Bourdain
Title: The Wickedly Beautiful, Author: M. Martinez
Title: The Timekeeper Chronicles: Book 1, Author: J L Mihulka
Title: Clarity Through Chaos, Author: RA Ferrell
Title: I'm Not Scary, Author: Gail Storvik
Title: A Young Person's Field Guide to Finding Lost Shipwrecks, Author: Laurie Anne Zaleski
Title: My Mom Tells Me No, No, and Nooo!, Author: Monica Wood
Title: A View from the Minesweeper's Bridge, Author: Commander Richard J. G. Goodwin
Title: The Beaten Heart, Author: Mallory Weber
Title: My Father Called Me Bobby, Author: Robert F Scherma
Title: The Wedding Toaster, Author: Emily Rotondi
Title: Earl: The Christmas Tree Spider, Author: Erin Rafanello Ferguson

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