Title: Why Muslims Lagged Behind and Others Progressed, Author: Nadeem M. Qureshi
Title: Bendee the Pea Leaves His Pod!, Author: Dena Kinney
Title: Princess Podockee and the Land of Ting, Author: P. W. Doodle
Title: Show Me Love, Author: LCPC Sophia Papageorge-Karvelas
Title: My Mom Tells Me No, No, and Nooo!, Author: Monica Wood
Title: The Discovery of Spiritual Chivalry, Author: Todd Greene
Title: More Than All the Pastries in Paris, Author: Stacey Dixon Phelan
Title: Midnight, Author: Gemma Hernandez Serrano
Title: Shark Teeth, Author: Kelsey Hocker
Title: Marco's Journey and Other Stories, Author: S.P. Peredo
Title: Baby Bird, Baby Bird, Author: C.K. Rice
Title: A Young Person's Field Guide to Finding Lost Shipwrecks, Author: Laurie Anne Zaleski
Title: No Lies Live Forever, Author: Catherine Fatica Compher
Title: The Boy Refugee, Author: MD Khawaja Azimuddin
Title: Santa's Toes, Author: Kacey Kersman
Title: The Lost Ornament, Author: Sally L. Wells
Title: My Name Made a Difference, Author: Don Lyons
Title: I Wish I Could Go Where You Go, Author: Eddie Orlando
Title: A Stroke of Luck: Or a Beginner's Guide to Being Hospitalised and What You Can Reasonably Expect!, Author: Christopher Moore (4)
Title: Brighde Reborn: The Amulet Series, Author: Leslie Sommers

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