Title: The World Is {Not} A Cold, Dead Place, Author: Nathan O'Hagan
Title: How Leeds Changed the World, Author: Mick McCann
Title: Tom Tit And The Maniacs, Author: Mark Connors
Title: Out Of The City, Author: Nathan O'Hagan
Title: Thurso, Author: P. James Callaghan
Title: Speed Bomb, Author: John Lake
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Title: Fogbow and Glory, Author: K.D. Thomas
Title: A Bad Winter, Author: Samantha Priestley
Title: Coming Out as a Bowie Fan in Leeds, Yorkshire, England, Author: Mick McCann
Title: Nailed - Digital Stalking in Leeds, Yorkshire, England, Author: Mick McCann
Title: Stickleback, Author: Mark Connors
Title: Blowback, Author: John Lake
Title: Leeds, the Biography: A History of Leeds in Short Stories, Author: Chris Nickson
Title: Amy and the Fox, Author: John Lake
Title: Hot Knife, Author: John Lake
Title: The Lost Boys of Prometheus City, Author: A.J. Kirby
Title: The Last Sane Man On Earth, Author: Nathan O'Hagan
Title: In All Beginnings, Author: Ray Brown
Title: 20 Stories High, Author: Michael Yates
Title: Breaking Even, Author: David Siddall