Title: Small-town Slayings in South Carolina, Author: Rita Y. Shuler
Title: Long Island's Vanished Heiress: The Unsolved Alice Parsons Kidnapping, Author: Steven C. Drielak
Title: Puerto Rican Cookery, Author: Carmen Valldejuli
Hardcover $23.95 $26.95 Current price is $23.95, Original price is $26.95.
Title: Cajun Night Before Christmas®, Author: Trosclair
Title: Abandoned Ruins on Public Lands in New Jersey: Forgotten and Unknown Pasts, Author: Kathleen Butler
Title: See You at the Top: 25th Anniversary Edition, Author: Zig Ziglar
Hardcover $23.99 $27.00 Current price is $23.99, Original price is $27.00.
Title: Louisiana Sweets: King Cakes, Bread Pudding & Sweet Dough Pie, Author: Dixie Poché
Title: The Dooky Chase Cookbook, Author: Leah Chase
Hardcover $22.49 $24.95 Current price is $22.49, Original price is $24.95.
Title: Jack Hinson's One-Man War, Author: Tom McKenney
Title: Hidden History of the Florida Keys, Author: Laura Albritton
Title: Pecos Bill Invents the Ten-Gallon Hat, Author: Kevin Strauss
Title: The Lost Colony and Hatteras Island, Author: Scott Dawson
Title: Columbus Pizza: A Slice of History, Author: Jim Ellison
Title: The Jefferson County Egan Murders: Nightmare on New Year's Eve 1964, Author: Dave Shampine
Title: Inside the Texas Chicken Ranch: The Definitive Account of the Best Little Whorehouse, Author: Jayme Lynn Blaschke
Title: The Denville 13: Murder, Redemption and Forgiveness in Small Town New Jersey, Author: Peter Zablocki
Title: Abandoned New Mexico: Ghost Towns, Endangered Architecture, and Hidden History, Author: John M. Mulhouse
Title: The North Country Murder of Irene Izak: Stained by Her Blood, Author: Dave Shampine
Title: New England Pie: History Under a Crust, Author: Robert S Cox
Title: The Declaration of Independence from A to Z, Author: Catherine Osornio

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