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Title: Learn JavaFX Game and App Development: With FXGL 17, Author: Almas Baimagambetov
Title: Immersive 3D Design Visualization: With Autodesk Maya and Unreal Engine 4, Author: Abhishek Kumar
Title: Learn FileMaker Pro 19: The Comprehensive Guide to Building Custom Databases, Author: Mark Conway Munro
Title: Electronics for Beginners: A Practical Introduction to Schematics, Circuits, and Microcontrollers, Author: Jonathan Bartlett
Title: Expert SQL Server Transactions and Locking: Concurrency Internals for SQL Server Practitioners, Author: Dmitri Korotkevitch
Title: Windows 11 Made Easy: Getting Started and Making It Work for You, Author: Mike Halsey
Title: Modern Full-Stack Development: Using TypeScript, React, Node.js, Webpack, Python, Django, and Docker, Author: Frank Zammetti
Title: Beginning Xcode, Author: Matthew Knott
Title: The Definitive Guide to Squarespace: Learn to Deliver Custom, Professional Web Experiences for Yourself and Your Clients, Author: Sarah Martin
Title: Thinking in Pandas: How to Use the Python Data Analysis Library the Right Way, Author: Hannah Stepanek
Title: Beginning C++20: From Novice to Professional, Author: Ivor Horton
Title: The UBTECH Jimu Robots Builder's Guide: How to Create and Make Them Come to Life, Author: Mark Rollins
Title: Beginning Julia Programming: For Engineers and Scientists, Author: Sandeep Nagar
Title: Apple Device Management: A Unified Theory of Managing Macs, iPads, iPhones, and AppleTVs, Author: Charles Edge
Title: Crafting Wearables: Blending Technology with Fashion, Author: Sibel Deren Guler
Title: Practical Fashion Tech: Wearable Technologies for Costuming, Cosplay, and Everyday, Author: Joan Horvath
Title: Practical Guide to Salesforce Experience Cloud: Building, Enhancing, and Managing a Digital Experience with Salesforce, Author: Philip Weinmeister
Title: Getting Started with Secure Embedded Systems: Developing IoT Systems for micro:bit and Raspberry Pi Pico Using Rust and Tock, Author: Alexandru Radovici
Title: Pro Java Clustering and Scalability: Building Real-Time Apps with Spring, Cassandra, Redis, WebSocket and RabbitMQ, Author: Jorge Acetozi
Title: Game Backend Development: With Microsoft Azure and PlayFab, Author: Balint Bors

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