Title: The Broken Place, Author: Michael Shaara
Title: Last Stop, the Twilight Zone: The Biography of Rod Serling, Author: Joel Engel
Title: Get Ready!, Author: Jim Morris
Title: The Rebel in Autumn, Author: Michael Shaara
Title: Above and Beyond, Author: Jim Morris
Title: Where White Men Fear to Tread: The Autobiography of Russell Means, Author: Russell Means
Title: The Green Berets Fiftieth Anniversary, Author: Jim Morris
Title: Family Blood, Author: Marvin J. Wolf
Title: Family Blood: The True Story of the Yom Kippur Murders, Author: Marvin J. Wolf
Title: Michael Shaara: The Collected Short Stories, Author: Michael Shaara
Title: Baby Killers, Author: Jim Morris
Title: Inside the Robe: A Judge's Candid Tale of Criminal Justice in America, Author: Katherine Mader
Title: Fallen Angels, Author: Marvin J. Wolf
Title: Rotten Apples: True Stories of New York Crime and Mystery, Author: Marvin J. Wolf
Title: Bent: How a Homeless Teen Became one of the Cybercrime Industry's Most Prolific Counterfeiters, Author: Matthew B. Cox
Title: A Tale of Two Rabbis, Author: Marvin J. Wolf
Title: 2066 Election Day, Author: Michael Shaara
Title: Saving Camelot, Author: Marvin J. Wolf
Title: Rebel Without a Suit: The Not-So-Casual Road to Casual Friday, Author: Richard Press
Title: Perfect Crimes, Author: Marvin J. Wolf

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