Title: Impeachment for Dummies (Breakfasts with Maxie & Jerry), Author: Anonymous
Title: The Democratisation of Japan after World War II, Author: Anonymous
Title: Six Feet Under - The Death of American Parties: The Death of American Parties, Author: Anonymous
Title: Europe's Last Dictatorship - U.S. Democratization Efforts in Belarus: U.S. Democratization Efforts in Belarus, Author: Anonymous
Title: Word of Mouth Democracy for the 99%: A Corporate Spiritual Democracy, Author: Anonymous
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Title: The Different Meanings of Governance, Author: Anonymous
Cyber Week
A Sale for the (P)ages
Title: TRUMP this, Author: Anonymous Writer
Title: Una advertencia, Author: Anónimo (Anonymous)
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Title: The End of Power: Moisés Naím's masterpiece summarized in only 30 pages, Author: Anonymous
Title: The Bush Doctrine of Preemptive Strike. Significance and Consequences, Author: Anonymous
Title: Methods of social enquiry - Financing university residences: Financing university residences, Author: Anonymous
Title: The clash of liberalism and toleration regarding same-sex marriages in the U.S., Author: Anonymous