Title: Adventures in Sound with Max Axiom, Super Scientist, Author: Emily Sohn
Title: The Powerful World of Energy with Max Axiom, Super Scientist, Author: Agnieszka Biskup
Title: Lily Renée, Escape Artist: From Holocaust Survivor to Comic Book Pioneer, Author: Trina Robbins
Title: Elizabeth Blackwell: America's First Woman Doctor, Author: Trina Robbins
Title: Florence Nightingale: Lady with the Lamp, Author: Trina Robbins
Title: Jackie Robinson: Baseball's Great Pioneer, Author: Jason Glaser
Title: Wilma Rudolph: Olympic Track Star, Author: Lee Engfer
Title: Jane Goodall: Animal Scientist, Author: Katherine Krohn
Title: Pink Nose Princess Sophie: Secret Adventure At The Arboretum, Author: Latuasha Cox