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Title: When You Say One Thing but Mean Your Mother, Author: Melissa Broder
Title: Desire: A Haunting, Author: Molly Gaudry
Title: We Take Me Apart, Author: Molly Gaudry
Title: I Don't Know Do You, Author: Roberto Montes
Title: Ghosts of Ocelots, Author: Jonathan Reynolds
Title: Diddy Wah Diddy: A Beale Street Suite, Author: Corey Mesler
Title: Gathered Here Together, Author: Garrett Socol
Title: Becoming the Sound of Bees, Author: Marc Vincenz
Title: Here Is How It Happens, Author: Spencer Dew
Title: Sibylline, Author: Marc Vincenz
Title: Bone River, Author: Benjamin Lowenkron
Title: Do Something! Do Something! Do Something!, Author: Joseph Riippi