Title: Upper Hudson Valley Beer, Author: Craig Gravina
Title: A Culinary History of Southern Delaware: Scrapple, Beach Plums and Muskrat, Author: Denise Clemons
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Title: Columbia Food: A History of Cuisine in the Famously Hot City, Author: Laura Aboyan
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Title: Cincinnati Goetta: A Delectable History, Author: Dann Woellert
Title: Lost Restaurants of Detroit, Author: Paul Vachon
Title: A Culinary History of Missouri: Foodways & Iconic Dishes of the Show-Me State, Author: Suzanne Corbett
Title: Classic Restaurants of The Region: Northwest Indiana's All-Time Favorite Eats, Author: Jane Simon Ammeson
Title: Classic Restaurants of New Orleans, Author: Alexandra Kennon
Title: North Carolina Triad Beer: A History, Author: Richard Cox
Title: East Tennessee Beer: A Fermented History, Author: Aaron Carson
Title: Virginia Distilled: Four Centuries of Drinking in the Old Dominion, Author: Patrick Evans-Hylton
Title: Lost Restaurants of Grand Rapids, Author: Norma Lewis
Title: The Florida Cracker Cookbook: Recipes and Stories from Cabin to Condo, Author: Joy Sheffield Harris
Title: Lost Restaurants of Henderson, Nevada, Author: Sharon Ann Damon
Title: A History of South Carolina Barbeque, Author: Lake E. High Jr.
Title: Delta Hot Tamales: History, Stories & Recipes, Author: Anne Martin
Title: Billings Food: The Flavorful Story of Montana's Trailhead, Author: Stella Fong
Title: Lost Restaurants of the Tri-Cities, Tennessee, Author: Daphne M. Matthews
Title: A Culinary History of Cape May: Salt Oysters, Beach Plums & Cabernet Franc, Author: John Howard-Fusco
Title: Classic Food and Restaurants of the Upper Peninsula, Author: Russell M. Magnaghi

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