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Title: Our First Revolution: The Remarkable British Upheaval That Inspired America's Founding Fathers, Author: Michael Barone
Title: The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America, Author: Erik Larson
Title: The Hidden History of the Supreme Court and the Betrayal of America, Author: Thom Hartmann Pre-Order Now
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Title: Palm Beach, Mar-a-Lago, and the Rise of America's Xanadu, Author: Les Standiford Pre-Order Now
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Title: America: The Last Best Hope, Author: William J. Bennett Pre-Order Now
Title: The British Are Coming: The War for America, Lexington to Princeton, 1775-1777, Author: Rick Atkinson
Title: America's Reluctant Prince: The Life of John F. Kennedy Jr., Author: Steven M. Gillon
Title: One Summer: America, 1927, Author: Bill Bryson
Title: One Day: The Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary 24 Hours in America, Author: Gene Weingarten Pre-Order Now
Title: The Fire Is upon Us: James Baldwin, William F. Buckley Jr., and the Debate over Race in America, Author: Nicholas Buccola Pre-Order Now
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Title: Trump vs. China: Facing America's Greatest Threat, Author: Newt Gingrich Pre-Order Now
Title: Give Me Liberty: A History of America's Exceptional Idea, Author: Richard Brookhiser Pre-Order Now
Title: The Girl in the Photograph: The True Story of a Native American Child, Lost and Found in America, Author: Byron L. Dorgan Pre-Order Now
Title: Desk 88: Eight Progressive Senators Who Changed America, Author: Sherrod Brown Pre-Order Now
Title: The Greatest Fury: The Battle of New Orleans and the Rebirth of America, Author: William C Davis Pre-Order Now
Title: Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong, Author: James Loewen
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Title: The Age of Illusions: How America Squandered Its Cold War Victory, Author: Andrew J. Bacevich Pre-Order Now
Title: America, Author: Alan Axelrod PhD
Title: The United States of America Founding Documents, Author: Eric Muss-Barnes
Title: Message to the Blackman in America, Author: Elijah Muhammad

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