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Title: The Norwegians in America, Author: Percie V. Hillbrand
Title: Empire State Building, Author: Sarah Tieck
Title: Poemas con sol y son: Poesia de America Latina Para Ninos, Author: Mabel Morvillo
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Title: Cape Hatteras Light: The Tallest Lighthouse in the United States, Author: Aileen Weintraub
Title: Progressive Leaders: The Platforms and Policies of America's Reform Politicians, Author: Lois Sakany
Title: Government Regulation of the Railroads: Fighting Unfair Trade Practices in America, Author: David Chiu
Title: Alcatraz Island Light: The West Coast's First Lighthouse, Author: Aileen Weintraub
Title: Settlement Houses: Improving the Social Welfare of America's Immigrants, Author: Michael Friedman
Title: Cape Disappointment Light: The First Lighthouse in the Pacific Northwest, Author: Aileen Weintraub
Title: Labor Legislation: The Struggle to Gain Rights for America's Workforce, Author: Katherine Lawrence
Title: Prosecuting Trusts: The Courts Break up Monopolies in America, Author: Bernadette Brexel
Title: Como Vinimos Al Quinto Mundo: Un Cuento de Creacion de Mexico Antigua, Author: Harriet Rohmer