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Title: Message to the Blackman in America, Author: Elijah Muhammad
Title: God's Prophetic Voices to America, Author: David Reagan
Title: The Last Days of America?, Author: Shane Warren
Title: The Fall of America, Author: Elijah Muhammad
Title: America's Controversy with God's Covenant, Author: Perry Stone
Title: The Jews in America, Author: Max I. Dimont
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Title: Baptist History in England and America, Author: David Beale
Title: Is America in Bible Prophecy?, Author: Mark Hitchcock
Title: Has America Gone Too Far?, Author: Dr. Don Ledbetter
Title: Walking Across America, Author: Jim and Glenda Buckley
Title: Americas Accelerating Decay, Author: Dennis Prager
Title: THIS LAND: America: 2000 BC to 500 AD, Author: Wayne May
Title: Why Liberals Win the Culture Wars (Even When They Lose Elections): The Battles That Define America from Jefferson's Heresies to Gay Marriage, Author: Stephen Prothero
Title: Inside Scientology: The Story of America's Most Secretive Religion, Author: Janet Reitman
Title: The Second Coming of the New Age: The Hidden Dangers of Alternative Spirituality in Contemporary America and Its Churches, Author: Steven Bancarz
Title: America's Prophet: Moses and the American Story, Author: Bruce Feiler
Title: Lutherans in America: A New History, Author: Mark  Granquist
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Title: Transforming Church in Rural America: Breaking all the Rurals, Author: Shannon O'Dell
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Title: Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos: The Coming Great Food Shortages in America, Author: Texe Marrs
Title: Global Revival, Worldwide Outpourings, Forty-Three Visitations of the Holy Spirit, the Great Commission: Revivals in Asia, Africa, Europe, North & South America, Australia and Oceania, Author: Mathew Backholer

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