Title: I Love Your Brown, Author: Daneýa L. Jacobs
Title: The 3 Little Swallows, Author: Ernesto Amaranto
Title: Frankie and Her Four Felines, Author: Barbara Henderson
Title: The Little Alligator with Orange Feet, Author: Chentell Merriman
Title: Four of My Five Loves, Author: Angee Etherton
Title: WHO?, Author: Jr. Chester McKeen
Title: Every Girl Is a Princess, Author: Mel Hill
Title: The MAGICAL LAND of SCOTWALEND and The Crusade for Knowledge, Author: Gwendoline Phillips
Title: Mrs. Golldooney's Adventures: Mrs. Ava Golldooney's Adventure, A Trapped Master Bumble Bee, Friends Go Gliding From Valley Mountain, Author: Chanmattee Lynnie Bachoo
Title: The Monkey Named Moe, Author: Valarrie Harris
Title: Snowman Jacks and Rabbit Tracks, Author: Margaret Smolik
Title: Dean Goes Green, Author: Debra G. Watts
Title: Barry Bowling Ball, Author: Joan Lodge
Title: Building Character with Booger and Bella: Loyalty, Author: Larisa Coffman
Title: The World to be Explored, Author: B. Michele Stone
Title: Night Night, My Love, Author: Deborah Lorenzo
Title: The Legacy of Rami the Wolf, Author: Elizabeth Stanley
Title: Winter Riddles, Author: Diana Zavyalov
Title: How the Kitten Found His Purr, Author: Dawn Sloan Verosic
Title: At the Zoo Whos Whooo, Author: Joslin Fitzgerald

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