Title: I Love Your Brown, Author: Daneýa L. Jacobs
Title: The Witch That Almost Didn't, Author: Luanna Castellucci
Title: Golfing in Scotland, Author: Bobbie Suzanne Fitz
Title: O Rei Coelho, Author: Jim McEnroe
Title: Squirrelly the Squirrel and Starlett, Author: Larry Friend
Title: Icy the Iceberg, Author: Larry Friend
Title: The Adventures of Professor Poodle & Auggie: Let's Collect the Alphabet, Author: Mark A. Vogel
Title: Golfing with Whales: With Reid Kookas and Friends, Author: Bobbie Suzanne Fitz
Title: Emily and The Feel-Better Fairy, Author: Ziva Reuben
Title: Boogie, Author: Debi Toporoff
Title: When A Drip Dropped, Author: Debbie Taborn
Title: The Little Alligator with Orange Feet, Author: Chentell Merriman
Title: The Clock, Author: Mariam Melkonian
Title: Rhymes and Good Times, Author: Jack Phillips
Title: Picky the Marvelous Chicken, Author: Nancye Thomas
Title: Dancing with the Moon and Stars, Author: Sylvia Stern
Title: Something to Chew On: For The Children's Soul, Author: Ari Bouse
Title: The Garden in the Hood, Author: Rebecca Crosdale
Title: A Little Worm's Life, Author: Chentell Merriman
Title: TAMBO: An Elephant Adventure, Author: Melanie Kordsmeier

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