Title: The Silent Armageddon, Author: E. C. Itnyre
Title: A Commentary on the GOSPEL of JOHN, Author: Stanley Polski
Title: Take Flight: The Sonnets, Author: Thomas G. Reischel
Title: Grace Therapy: The Living Alternative, Author: Joyner Briceño
Title: Making Monsters: First Man Adam, Author: David Franklin Tibbetts
Title: The Transformation of Benjamin Wilson, Author: Rick Roberts
Title: Growing Wings, Author: Corinna Montgomery
Title: Crotch Thinking: A Memoir of Lust & Damage, Author: David Thomas
Title: Pilgrimage to Discipleship: A Guide to the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola, Author: Julius Rogina
Title: PURSUIT OF WISDOM: The Quest for Truth, Understanding, Goodness, Justice, Beauty & Love, Author: Robert T. Fertig
Title: Four Princesses from Provence, Author: Rogers V. Rogers
Title: A Personal Testimony, Author: H. Bernard Young Sr.
Title: My Grief, My Experience, Author: Anthony Akinlolu