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Title: Eleanor of Aquitaine: Queen of France and England, Mother of Empires, Author: Sara Cockerill
Title: The Battle of Stalingrad Through German Eyes: The Death of the Sixth Army, Author: Jonathan Trigg
Title: Black Death: A New History of the Bubonic Plagues of London, Author: Stephen Porter
Title: Ancient Rome The Rise and Fall of an Empire 753BC-AD476: The Rise and Fall of an Empire 753BC-AD476, Author: Patricia Southern
Title: Historic England: Yorkshire: Unique Images From The Archives of Historic England, Author: Graham Stables
Title: The Jane Austen Files: A Complete Anthology of Letters & Family Recollections, Author: Helen Amy
Title: Titanic Voices: 63 Survivors Tell Their Extraordinary Stories, Author: Hannah Holman
Title: The Boleyns: From the Tudors to the Windsors, Author: Amanda Harvey Purse
Title: Artorius: The Real King Arthur, Author: John Matthews
Title: Harry of England: The History of Eight Kings, From Henry I to Henry VIII, Author: Teresa Cole
Title: To VE-Day Through German Eyes: The Final Defeat of Nazi Germany, Author: Jonathan Trigg
Title: The Saucer and the Swastika: The Dark Myth of Nazi UFOs, Author: S. D. Tucker
Title: The Saint and Return of the Saint Collectibles, Author: John Buss
Title: The Prisoner and Danger Man Collectibles, Author: John Buss
Title: Roman Clothing and Fashion, Author: Alexandra Croom
Title: Land Girl: A Manual for Volunteers in the Women's Land Army, Author: W. E. Shewell-Cooper
Title: Gilbern Cars, Author: Michael Burgess
Title: King Arthur: The Man Who Conquered Europe, Author: Caleb Howells
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Title: Locomotives of the Victorian Railway: The Early Days of Steam, Author: Anthony Dawson
Title: Vikings: A History of the Northmen, Author: W. B. Bartlett

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