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Title: Express trusts under the common law: a superior and distinct mode of administration, distinguished from partnerships, contrasted with corporations; two papers submitted to the tax commissioner of Massachusetts, under chapter 55 of the resolves of 1911 re, Author: Alfred D. Chandler
Title: Catalogue of Chinese coins from the VIIth cent. B.C. to A.D. 621 including the series in the British museum, Author: Terrien de Lacouperie
Title: History of the town of Carver, Massachusetts: historical review, 1637-1910, Author: Henry S. Griffith
Title: The mathematical theory of relativity, Author: A. S. Eddington
Title: Captivity of the Oatman Girls; Being an Interesting Narrative of Life Among the Apach and Mohave Indians, Author: Royal B. Stratton
Title: American machinists' handbook and dictionary of shop terms: a reference book of machine shop and drawing room data, methods and definitions, Author: Fred H. Colvin
Title: The palace of Minos: a comparative account of the successive stages of the early Cretan civilization as illustrated by the discoveries at Knossos (Volume I) The Neolithic and Early and Middle Minoan Ages, Author: Sir Arthur Evans
Title: Ancient history: from the earliest times to the fall of the Western empire : comprising the history of Chaldæa, Assyria, Media, Babylonia, Lydia, Phnicia, Syria, Judæa, Egypt, Carthage, Persia, Greece, Macedonia, Parthia, and Rome, Author: George Rawlinson
Title: Reflections on violence, Author: Georges Sorel
Title: The witness of the stars, Author: E. W. Bullinger
Title: Latin phrase-book, Author: Carl Meissner
Title: Doris Force at Locked Gates Or Saving a Mysterious Fortune, Author: Julia K. Duncan
Title: Corporal Jacques of the Foreign Legion, Author: H. de Vere Stacpoole
Title: A History of Rockbridge County, Virginia, Author: Oren. F. Morton
Title: The Autobiography of St. Ignatius by Saint, Author: Loyola Ignatius
Title: Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, Author: Oswald Chambers
Title: The Life of Horatio Lord Nelson, Author: Robert Southey
Title: Might Is Right or The Survival of the Fittest, Author: Ragnar Redbeard
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Title: Mississippi, as a province, territory, and state: with biographical notices of eminent citizens (Volume I), Author: J. F. H. Claiborne
Title: A dictionary of the Gaelic language, in two parts. 1. Gaelic and English. - 2. English and Gaelic, Author: Norman MacLeod

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