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Title: The Botanical Lore of the California Indians with Side Lights on Historical Incidents in California, Author: John Bruno Romero
Title: Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, Author: Oswald Chambers
Title: A dictionary of new medical terms, including upwards of 38,000 words and many useful tables, being a supplement to
Title: A Dictionary of Islam; being a cyclopaedia of the doctrines, rites, ceremonies and customs, together with the technical and theological terms, of the Mohammedan religion, Author: Thomas Patrick Hughes
Title: A Sketch Of All The Invasions Or Descents Upon The British Islands, From The Landing Of William The Conqueror: Translated From The French, With Additions, And Continuation To The Present Time, Author: John Joseph Stockdale
Title: Cato Maior de Senectute, Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
Title: The life of Giorgio Vasari; a study of the later renaissance in Italy, Author: Robert W. Carden
Title: Genealogy Of The Wilson-Thompson Families; Being An Account Of The Descendants Of John Wilson, Of County Antrim, Ireland, Whose Two Sons, John And William, Founded Homes In Bucks County, And Of Elizabeth Mcgraudy Thompson, Who With Her Four Sons Came From, Author: Warren S. Ely
Title: Poems Of The Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood, Author: Thomas MacDonagh
Title: Thomas Sanford, The Emigrant To New England; Ancestry, Life,And Descendants, 1632-4. Sketches Of Four Other Pioneer Sanfords And Some Of Their Descendants (Volume I), Author: Carlton Elisha Sanford
Title: The Autobiography of St. Ignatius by Saint, Author: Loyola Ignatius
Title: Culpeper'S Complete Herbal: Consisting Of A Comprehensive Description Of Nearly All Herbs With Their Medicinal Properties And Directions For Compounding The Medicines Extracted From Them, Author: Nicholas Culpeper
Title: The history of Scotland, its Highlands, regiments and clans (Volume I), Author: James Browne
Title: Our Firemen: The History Of The Pittsburgh Fire Department, From The Village Period Until The Present Time, Author: Charles T. Dawson
Title: The story of a Pilgrim family. From the Mayflower to the present time; with autobiography, recollections, letters, incidents, and genealogy of the author, Rev. John Alden, in his 83d year, Author: John Alden
Title: Famous Indian Chiefs Their Battles, Treaties, Sieges, and Struggles with the Whites for the Possession of America, Author: Charles H. L. Johnston
Title: Answers to Prayer, from George Müller's Narratives, Author: George Müller
Title: Instead of a book: by a man too busy to write one : a fragmentary exposition of philosophical anarchism, Author: Benjamin R. Tucker
Title: The Gentry family in America, 1676 to 1909: including notes on the following families related to the Gentrys : Claiborne, Harris, Hawkins, Robinson, Smith, Wyatt, Sharp, Fulkerson, Butler, Bush, Blythe, Pabody, Noble, Haggard, and Tindall, Author: Richard Gentry
Title: Mathematical and astronomical tables, for the use of students of mathematics, practical astronomers, surveyors, engineers, and navigators; with an introd. containing the explanation and use of the tables, Author: William Galbraith

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