Title: San Antonio
Director: David Butler
Title: The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane
Title: The Eternal Sea
Title: South of St. Louis
Title: The Horn Blows at Midnight
Title: A Death in California
Title: Once Is Not Enough
Director: Guy Green
Title: The Woman in White
Director: Peter Godfrey
Title: Split Second
Director: Dick Powell
Title: The Adventures of Mark Twain
Title: The Doughgirls
Director: James Kern
Title: Stallion Road
Title: Mixed Emotions: The Struggles of Being Single and Saved While Searching For Self, Author: Alexis Smith
Title: Sisters You Don't Have to Settle!: Don't Settle for Less than God's Best!, Author: Alexis Smith-Byron
Title: Sisters You Don't Have to Settle!, Author: Alexis Smith-Byron
Title: Remnants of the mosaic of my life: a collection of poetry and prose, Author: Cassandra Alexis Smith
Title: La collezionista di cose perdute, Author: Alexis Smith
Title: Conflict
Director: Curtis Bernhardt
Title: The Day Jeremy Bold Didn't Do What He Was Told., Author: Alexis Smith