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Title: SteamBros Investigations: The first Christmas Carol, Author: Alastor Maverick
Title: SteamBros Investigations: Halloween's Hellgate, Author: Alastor Maverick
Title: Steambros Investigations: L'anatema dei Gover, Author: Alastor Maverick e L.A. Mely
Title: Last Survivor, Author: Alastor Trellis
Title: Tetelestai!: De Joco Suae Moechae 3, Author: Marc-Alastor E.-E.
Title: Adulator: De Joco Suae Moechae 2, Author: Marc-Alastor E.-E.
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Title: Die Chroniken: Widerparte & Gefolge, Author: Marc-Alastor E.-E.
Title: Kriecher: De Joco Suae Moechae 1, Author: Marc-Alastor E.-E.