Title: The Liar's Girl, Author: Catherine Ryan Howard
Title: 56 Days, Author: Catherine Ryan Howard
Title: Summon the Queen, Author: Jodi McIsaac
Title: The Perfect Mother, Author: Caroline Mitchell
Title: The Confession, Author: Jo Spain
Title: Under Lying, Author: Janelle Harris
Title: All the Walls of Belfast: A Novel, Author: Sarah Carlson
Title: An Ocean Between Us, Author: Rachel Quinn
Title: Bury the Living, Author: Jodi McIsaac
Title: The Judge's Wife, Author: Ann O'Loughlin
Title: The Woman Outside My Door, Author: Rachel Ryan
Title: Keep Your Friends Close, Author: Janelle Harris
Title: The Girls of Ennismore, Author: Patricia Falvey
Title: Beyond a Darkened Shore, Author: Jessica Leake
Title: All Our Hidden Gifts, Author: Caroline O'Donoghue
Title: The Pale Dreamer: A Bone Season Prequel, Author: Samantha Shannon
Title: Frozen, Author: L.A. Casey
Title: The Stars We Steal, Author: Alexa Donne
Title: A Bittersweet Garden, Author: Caren J. Werlinger
Title: Shadow of a Century, Author: Jean Grainger

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