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Title: The Berlage Affair, Author: Vedran Mimica
Title: GSD 08 Platform, Author: Lluis Ortega
Title: The Ecologies of the Building Envelope: A Material History and Theory of Architectural Surfaces, Author: Alejandro Zaera-Polo Pre-Order Now
Title: Daniel Canogar: Zero Gravity, Author: Daniel Canogar
Title: ROMA Menoepiu, Author: Laboratorio Editoriale
Title: BCN Noteguide: My own vision of Barcelona, Author: Angels Soler
Title: Barcelona by Jon Tugores, Author: Jon Tugores
Title: Ensayos Sobre Termodinamica: Arquitectura y Belleza, Author: Inaki Abalos
Title: Verb Crisis, Author: Mario Ballesteros
Title: Barcelona Regional: Ring Roads Barcelona Past, Present, Future, Author: Barcelona Regional Agency
Title: Between East and West: A Gulf, Author: Bukhamseen Hamed
Title: The Sniper's Log: Architectural Chronicles of Generation-X, Author: Alejandro Zaera-Polo
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Title: Architecture with the People, by the People, for the People: Yona Friedman, Author: Maria Ines Rodriguez
Title: Alps CasaClima Recycle: Renzo Piano e la Piccola Casa DIOGENE, Author: Pino Scaglione
Title: Alvaro Siza Viera: A Pool in the Sea: In conversation with Kenneth Frampton, Author: Kenneth Frampton
Title: Good Vibrations: Clichy Batignolles: Lot E8 & Parc 1, Author: Manuel Gausa Pre-Order Now
Hardcover $29.13 $34.95 Current price is $29.13, Original price is $34.95.
Title: Retrospecta #42: Yale School of Architecture 2018-2019, Author: Ives Brown
Title: Subject, Author: Rafael Doctor
Title: Net.It: A Snapshot of Contemporary Architecture, Design and Photography in Italy, Author: G. Pino Scaglione
Title: Coup de Des: Emerging European Architectures. Issue 2, Author: Walter van Dijk

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