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Title: Total Designer: Authorship in the Architecture of the Postdigital Age, Author: Lluis Ortega
Title: Total Latin American Architecture: Libretto of Modern Reflections & Contemporary Works, Author: Ana de Brea
Title: Still Life: Platform 9, Author: Jennifer Bonner
Title: Douglas Gordon. What you want me to say... I am already dead, Author: Douglas Gordon
Title: Carlos Ferrater, Author: William J.R. Curtis
Title: Urbanity: Twenty Years Later: Projects for Central European Capitals, Author: Igor Kovacevic
Title: Imminent Commons Compendium: Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2017, Author: Hyungmin Pai
Title: Platform 12: How About Now?, Author: Carrie Bly
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Title: Antoni Muntadas: Ladies and Gentleman, Author: Antoni Muntadas
Title: Planning Design Technology 01, Author: Pino Scaglione
Title: Beyond Urbanism, Author: Jeannette Sordi
Title: JPG 2: Japan Graphics, Author: Tomoko Sakamoto
Title: From I to J, Author: Actar Editors
Title: Beyond Environment, Author: Emanuele Piccardo
Title: Red Aside, Author: Rosa Maria Malet
Title: Renewing Architectural Typologies: Mosque, House, Library: Makram El Kadi, Hernan Diaz Alonso, and AOC, Author: Nina Rappaport
Title: Maximin, Author: Renate Wiehaer
Title: Responsive Environments: Defining our Technologically-Mediated Relationship with Space, Author: Allen Sayegh Pre-Order Now
Title: Critical Prison Design: Mas d'Enric Penitentiary by AiB arquitectes + Estudi PSP Arquitectura, Author: Roger Paez
Title: Natured: Iroje, Seung H-Sang, Author: Seung H-Sang
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