Title: Replant 101: How You Can Help Revitalize Dying Churches, Author: Mark Hallock
Title: Honest Questions: Pastoral Answers to Everyday Questions, Author: Jordan Branch
Title: Replant Roadmap: How Your Congregation Can Help Revitalize Dying Churches, Author: Mark Hallock
Title: They Devoted Themselves: What Churches in the 21st Century Can Learn from the Church in the First Century, Author: Kyle Bueermann
Title: God's Not Done with Your Church: Finding Hope and New Life through Replanting, Author: Mark Hallock
Title: Return to Worship: A God-Centered Approach, Author: John Mark Clifton
Title: Replanting Rural Churches: God's Plan and Call for the Middle of Nowhere, Author: Kyle Bueermann
Title: Missional Friendships: Jesus' Design for Fruitful Life and Ministry, Author: CJ Davison
Title: Pathways to Partnership: How You and Your Church Can Join the Replanting Movement, Author: Mark Hallock
Title: Rubicons of Revitalization: Overcoming 8 Common Barriers to Church Renewal, Author: Kenneth Priest
Title: Raising Up Replanters: A Start-Up Guide for Your Church, Author: Mark Hallock
Title: The Priorities of a Shepherd Pastor: Shepherding God's People with Deep Love, Biblical Wisdom, and Strategic Care, Author: Mark Hallock
Title: The Underdog Church-Planter: Being a 1-Star Planter in a 5-Star World, Author: Steve Anderson