Title: Plain Crazy in Paradise: A Noir Western Love Song, Author: John Holt
Title: An Island To Die For, Author: Mark Ryno
Title: Serial Killer ... by the book, Author: Justin Maxwell
Title: The Duck Hunter Diaries: Volume 3, Author: William R. Burkett
Title: The Adventures of Hardluck Hannigan: The Sky Masters, Author: Bill Craig
Title: A Ransom Conspiracy, Author: Nancy Beckwith
Title: Coronado's Trail, Author: Jane Bock
Title: A Footnote to History, Author: William R. Burkett
Title: The Sons of Jacob, Author: J.B. Vosler
Title: There's No Explaining Love, Author: Renee Kumor
Title: The Dark End of the Rainbow, Author: J.E. Irvin
Title: Onederland, Author: Larry Lentchner
Title: DARKLIGHT Commando, Inc., Author: C.J. Daniels
Title: Hunted in Paradise, Author: John Holt
Title: A Hurricane Conspiracy, Author: David Beckwith
Title: The Goblin Books, Author: George MacDonald
Title: Muddy Waters, Author: Candace J. Carter
Title: Maverick, Author: Bill Craig
Title: Damn Near Broke, Author: Gary Alexander
Title: Ten Good Horses, Author: Robert Stave

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