Title: Small Town Secrets, Author: Renee Kumor
Title: Marlow: Lost Girl, Author: Bill Craig
Title: Shadow of a Soldier: Army Tales From an Unpublished Diary & Other Orphan Stories, Author: William R. Burkett
Title: Memoirs of an Artist: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Author: Billy Selesnick
Title: Needled, Author: Marjory Sorrell Rockwell
Title: Stitch in the Ditch, Author: Marjory Sorrell Rockwell
Title: Cyborg Dreams: The Mind of Mine, Author: H.A. Burns
Title: Here We Go Again, Boys, Author: J. Allen Clary
Title: The First General Order, Author: Robert Stave
Title: Twin Killing, Author: William R. Burkett
Title: Life, Love & Sex of the Newly Single Adult, Author: Justin Maxwell
Title: What Secrets They Hold (Kate Brown Journals: 2), Author: Leah Benner
Title: A Kidnapped Santa And Other Naughty and Nice Christmas Stories, Author: Shirrel Rhoades
Title: A Loose Knot (A Jack Hunter Mystery), Author: Robert Coburn
Title: Heaven's Intent, Author: Arndt Schorr
Title: The Adventures of Hardluck Hannigan: Emerald Death, Author: Bill Craig
Title: Mythical Monsters (Illustrated), Author: Charles Gould
Title: Cyborg Dreams: The Buried Past, Author: H.A. Burns
Title: Not Quite Novellas, Author: Edward Squires
Title: Strangers In My Mind, Author: David Porteous

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