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Title: The Queen of Kush: A Tale of Love. a Tale of Hope. a Tale of Defiance., Author: Melvin J. Cobb
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Title: Budo and the Badge: Exploits of a Jersey Cop, Author: Patrick J. Ciser
Title: How Do You Grab a Naked Lady?: A Memoir, Author: Sharon L. Hicks
Title: Rough Waters: The Life of a Naval Intelligence Officer, Author: Doctor Jac
Title: A Marine's Journal: Feb '67 - Feb '68, Author: Mike Holiday
Title: The Mock Court Martial of British General Sir William Howe: George Washington Revealed as the Greatest Commanding General in World Military History, Author: Roy Cini Cusumano
Title: Family Business: Practical Leadership Succession Planning: Exceed Your Expectations, Author: Ronald P. Smyser
Title: Developing Resilient Youth: Classroom Activities for Social-Emotional Competence, Author: William G. Nicoll Phd
Title: Artful Dodgers: Fraud & Foolishness in the Art Market, Author: Bernard Ewell
Title: Deadly Summers in Alaska II: Birdie, Author: S. A. E. Sam
Title: Rendezvous at a Small Hotel, Author: Elizabeth Cooke
Title: The Hotel Marcel Dining Club: By Invitation Only, Author: Elizabeth Cooke
Title: Secrets of a Small Hotel, Author: Elizabeth Cooke
Title: Intrigue at a Small Hotel, Author: Elizabeth Cooke
Title: The Hotel Next Door, Author: Elizabeth Cooke
Title: A Tale of Two Hotels, Author: Elizabeth Cooke
Title: The Romanovs' Murder Case: The Myth of the Basement Room Massacre, Author: T. G. Bolen
Title: Dictionary of Torture, Author: Nigette M. Spikes
Title: Leviticus's Purr, Author: Evelyn R. Loren-Martin
Title: The Hidden Value in Your Life Insurance: Funds for your Retirement, Author: Darwin M. Bayston

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