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Title: I Became the Boat People: A Refugee's Path to America, Author: Don Lao Cpcu
Title: The Cobra and Scarab: A Novel of Ancient Egypt, Author: Glenn Starkey
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Title: The Great Muckrock and Rosie, Author: Ross C. Detwiler
Title: The Parable of the Hand and the Glove: A Spiritual Awakening, Author: Allen Smithson
Title: Artful Dodgers: Fraud & Foolishness in the Art Market, Author: Bernard Ewell
Title: A Marine's Journal: Feb '67 - Feb '68, Author: Mike Holiday
Title: How Do You Grab a Naked Lady?: A Memoir, Author: Sharon L. Hicks
Title: TEXAS CAESAR: Darrell K Royal 1924-2012, Author: J. Brent Clark
Title: Rough Waters: The Life of a Naval Intelligence Officer, Author: Doctor Jac
Title: When Ancestors Weep: Healing the Soul from Intergenerational Trauma, Author: James A. Houck Jr. Ph.D.
Title: The Queen of Kush: A Tale of Love. a Tale of Hope. a Tale of Defiance., Author: Melvin J. Cobb
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Title: Scoundrels Who Made America Great, Author: Martin Henley
Title: Close Your Eyes, Author: Michelle Friedman
Title: Mama's Shoes, Author: Rebecca D. Elswick
Title: Elsewhen, Author: Gary Bullock
Title: I Should Have Been a Teacher!: Through the Eyes of an Er Nurse, Author: R. G. Thomas
Title: Life Is Full of Sweet Spots: An Exploration of Joy, Author: Mary O'Connor
Title: The Lebensborn Experiment: Book I, Author: Joyce Yvette Davis
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Title: Thoughts Anything and Everything: Master's View of DAO de Jing, Author: Charlie Rose
Title: Living in Custer County: A Rural Colorado Lifestyle, Author: Jim Hughes

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